Welcome from the International Council of Systems Engineering (INCOSE) and Project Performance International (PPI) to the Systems Engineering Tools Database (SETDB). The SETDB is an evolving database of software tools and cloud services supporting systems engineering, organized to be easy to navigate in looking for tools, tool vendor and process information. Tools information is entered in overview form by INCOSE or PPI, and by tool vendors. Tool vendors are also able to enter comprehensive information on their systems engineering tools, including optional detailed responses to tool capability questions organized by tool category. When a tool vendor registers, that tool vendor takes over any existing information on their tools, and assumes ongoing responsibility for accuracy of that information and any additional information that they add.

Systems engineering tool categories are mapped to systems engineering processes and other topics of the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook (SEH) 4th Edition. The scope of each topic is defined in the SETDB. The SEH processes align with the ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288:2015 systems engineering process standard. Tool categories are also mapped to PPI’s systems engineering processes elements. The scope of each PPI process element, defined as a set by PPI to embrace the totality of systems engineering practice, is defined in the SETDB. See ‘Explore Tool Categories and Processes’ below.

We hope that, if you are not already an INCOSE member or a PPI SEG account holder you will become so, and that the SETDB helps you to find appropriate systems engineering software tools and cloud services to support your engineering activities.

Login to the SETDB

To view SETDB to tools data login with your INCOSE or your PPI SEG account, using one of these login portals.


Explore Tool Categories and Processes

Tools listed in the SETDB are linked to specific tool categories. These categories are linked to Systems Engineering processes as defined in the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook 4th Edition and to PPI’s Process Elements, to help you find the right tool depending on your need and activity.

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